Follow the Maltese Islands’ Dive Trail

We have launched a new Dive Trail around the Maltese Archipelago. Repeatedly voted second best dive destination in the world,  the Mediterranean Islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino offer clear blue sea boasting an abundance of reefs, stunning caverns, caves and wrecks. Click here to download the Dive Trail.

The second in a series of themed ‘Trails’, visitors can use the map as an underwater guide during their time on the islands. The map highlights the unique characteristics of Malta, Gozo and Comino from a plethora of underwater caves to seven natural reefs and shipwrecks that give a different insight in to the role that the islands played during the Second World War. Designed to showcase locations that are suitable for both beginners and experienced divers, the Maltese Archipelago has long been a favourite scuba destination for travellers.


Diving highlights include:

  • Azure Reef, the famed Azure Window which collapsed into the sea in March 2017 awaits discovery. The impressive site boasts incredible rock formations, canyons and narrow passageways
  • HMS Maori Shipwreck, arguably Malta’s most famous and historical wreck. Divers of all levels can discover this WW2 destroyer at a depth between 11-15 metres
  • The Blue Hole, reportedly one of French Naval Officer Explorer, Jacques Cousteau’s, favourite sites, you can see Gozo’s largest Groupers, Amberjacks, Barracuda and Tuna feeding here
  • Coral Gardens situated off the main promenade in Sliema, divers can find spectacular tunnels and caverns teemed with varied marine life

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