All Fired Up!

The long awaited 14th series of The Apprentice opened with an episode set on the idyllic islands of Malta and Gozo. The inaugural episode featured the Mediterranean islands as the picturesque backdrop for the show’s first set of challenges, which stimulated a dramatic increase in online searches for the Archipelago by 1,500%.

The episode saw the contestants hunt for Maltese treasures across Malta and the neighboring island of Gozo for the series’ popular shopping list challenge. With items found across the islands, the budding entrepreneurs worked as a team to find items such as a Filigree Boat, Ghonnella, Primus Gellewza Wine, Hasira, Maltese House with multi-coloured door, Nassa tal-vopi fisherman’s trap, honeycomb, Salt originating from Xwejni Saltpans and an Octopus with 40-inch hose.

The island has been put in the spotlight this year as its capital, Valletta, is celebrated as the European Capital of Culture 2018. In the race against time, and their entrepreneurial counterparts, the contestants were able to soak in the island’s unique culture and heritage – a combination of Italian, Arabic and North African influences. While the apprentices experienced a whistle stop tour of the island, Malta is an excellent destination for both weekends and city breaks, and longer summer holidays.